Citizen Complaints

The University recognizes that due to the nature of our duties, obligations, and responsibilities complaints against our personnel will occur from time to time. To protect our members and the reputation of the University of Massachusetts Boston Department of Public Safety the Chief of Police or designee has a responsibility to cause a prompt, thorough investigation of all allegations and complaints received against the department or its members.

An inquiry or complaint may be made by letter, telephone, email or in person. Any UMass Boston police officer or dispatcher may accept an initial inquiry or complaint regarding policies or procedures. However, if the inquiry or complaint is about personnel, contact the on-duty shift supervisor, who will ensure that the inquiry is directed to the proper authority. If the inquiry or complaint appears to be based on a misunderstanding of acceptable or desired conduct, procedures or practices, the shift supervisor may offer an explanation. If the complainant is not satisfied with the explanation, the Department will honor your request to have the matter investigated. The goal of the Department of Public Safety is to ensure that the integrity of the department is maintained through a system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by intensive impartial investigation and review.

The Chief of Police or designee will be notified of all complaints against the agency or it employees by the investigating supervisor or internal affairs officer in writing and allegations of criminal conduct will be brought to the immediate attention of the Chief of Police or designee via the verbal notification process as well as in writing.

No person shall be denied the opportunity to register a complaint, nor should any person be directed to return or call back later, unless absolutely necessary. Any person requesting to make a complaint against an employee of the department, shall, upon request, be given a copy of the complaint form. Complainants may prepare a separate written narrative and attach this to the complaint form.


To reach an on-duty shift supervisor call 617.287.7793.

For more information please click on the the Citizen Complaint Process Pamphlet  provided below.

Citizen Complaint Process

To access a PDF of the Citizen Complaint form please click on the link provided below.

Citizen Complaint Form