Uniformed Police

The Uniformed Police is the largest component of the Department of Public Safety. This branch consists of sworn police officers, ranging in rank from patrol officer to Chief of Police.

University Police Officers are sworn in under Chapter 75, Section 32A of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All police officers are required to attend the same police academy training as any police officer in the surrounding communities. University Police Officers have the same authority as any Municipal or State Police Officer to enforce all criminal and motor vehicle statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. University Police Officers patrol on foot, marked police vehicles, unmarked police vehicles and police mountain bikes. Many University Police Officers have additional training in specialized areas ranging from varied investigative techniques, crime prevention, sexual assault investigation, and emergency medical technician training.

The Uniformed Police provides the same basic services as any other local or state police agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These services include: emergency response to criminal, medical, haz-mat and public safety problems. Additionally, the Uniformed Police assists the university community with personal safety escorts and motor vehicle assistance, such as unlocking automobiles, and providing jump-starts when needed.