Bicycle Patrol


The Bicycle Patrol began in 1996 in order to address several concerns of the university community. First, the police needed the ability to quickly and efficiently patrol and respond to areas of the campus which are inaccessible to vehicles, but too large for traditional foot patrols.

Second, the department needed its police officers to be more approachable. Bicycle patrol officers are assigned specifically to areas where there are greater concentrations of citizens on foot. This puts them literally closer to the public, and allows them to listen to citizens’ concerns and act directly on those concerns. This also allows the officers to be more driven by the needs of the community rather than only responding for calls for service.

Finally, the university community needed police officers to be a more visible presence on campus; both to deter crime and enhance the accessibility of officers.

Bicycle patrol officers also have the ability to better enforce laws, monitor road conditions for pedestrians, promote bike safety, encourage crime prevention practices, and promote officer fitness.

The Bicycle Patrol Unit, aside from patrol and enforcement, also provides crime prevention and safety information to the University.

For more information or to make suggestions, please contact Lt. Lonnie Hill at the University Police, (617) 287-7799.