Office of the Registrar

Course Incomplete Grade Policy

The grade incomplete (INC) is reported only where a portion of the assigned or required class work, or the final examination, has not been completed because of serious illness, extreme personal circumstances, or scholarly reasons at the request of the instructor. If your record is such that you would fail the course regardless of your missing work, you will fail.

Permission of the instructor must be obtained and the form for Grade Incomplete must be completed. 

If you are receiving the grade of incomplete (INC), you are allowed up to one year in which to complete the course. The new grade must be submitted to the Registrar by the grading deadline for that semester, i.e., by the end of the next fall for the fall semester incompletes. The grade for any course not completed by this deadline will be converted to the grade of 'IF'.

Changes in the Procedure for Recording Incompletes - Beginning Spring 2016       

The process by which incomplete grades are submitted has changed. The purpose of this procedural change is to facilitate effective communication between faculty and departments surrounding incomplete contracts for students who are not able to complete the course during the semester time frame. These changes will ensure that departments are aware of procedures to follow in the event of an instructor not being available for the submission of a grade for a students who was issued an incomplete grade. 

The changes have no impact on the existing incomplete policy. They are procedural only. All incomplete policy matters are the same, and all guidelines for the issuance of incomplete grades are exactly the same. 

There are three fundamental changes: 

  • The incomplete contract will require the following signatures: 
    • Student 
    • Instructor 
    • Signature of receipt from the department in which the course is taught (NEW) 
  • The signed incomplete contract will be distributed to: 
    • Student -copy. 
    • Instructor -copy. 
    • Department in which the course is taught -copy 
    • Office if the Registrar (NEW) -original
  • Grade processing will be done by the Office of the Registrar upon receipt of the signed incomplete contract. Similar to the change of grade process, only faculty and authorized department staff may deliver incomplete contracts to the Office of Registrar. 

Spring 2016

As this is a new process, it will be possible for faculty to submit an incomplete grades through the drop-down option in the grade center of WISER. We ask that faculty file the signed copy of the incomplete contract with the Office of the Registrar. Any faculty who submit INC grades without filing a signed incomplete contract with the Office of the Registrar will be contacted and asked to file a contract. 

Summer 2016 and moving forward

Starting in the summer of 2016, INC will no longer be available as a drop-down option in the grade center of WISER, and the processing of incomplete grades will only be possible through the Office of Registrar.