Readmission Policy


Undergraduate Students

Students who leave the University in good standing may resume their studies by completing the Readmission Form.  You will be notified in writing of your readmission status.

Students who have been dismissed from the University and wish to resume their education should also write a letter of appeal addressed to the Standards and Credits Committee of their college or program and make an appointment for an interview with a member of the advising staff of their college or program.

All previous course work at the University remains part of the permanent record for students who have been readmitted, and the cumulative average includes all prior grades, regardless of how much time elapsed between enrollments.

For deadlines and more specific information please check with your college.

Graduate Students

Graduate degree candidates must maintain continuous registration, either by enrolling for course, capstone, thesis, or dissertation credits or by enrolling in the program fee course (CAS 600). Any student that has failed to maintain continuous registration and who wishes to resume his/her pursuit of the degree must apply for readmission and will be subject to the policies and requirements in effect at the time of readmission. The applicant must complete a readmission form and pay readmission and all back program fees to a maximum of six semesters.

Before an applicant can be readmitted, the application must be approved by the appropriate program director. 

Deadline for Readmission 

One month before the beginning of the semester for which the application is being made

Readmitted students must meet the program requirements that pertain at the time of their readmission. Courses older than seven years at the time of rematriculation cannot be used toward the degree, except with prior written permission of the graduate program director at the time of readmission. In addition, it is within the program director's discretion to disallow any previously taken courses from counting toward the readmitted student's degree program.

For more information, contact:
the Office of the Registrar at 617.287.6200

Eligibility for readmission is limited to students who were in good standing at the time of their withdrawal, and who are still in compliance with the statute of limitations policy governing the completion of the degree.

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