Office of the Registrar

Residency Reclassification

Your Residency Status

Residency, in-state versus out–of-state status for the purpose of calculating  tuition and fees, is determined at the time of admission (or re-entry into the university ,if you have been out of school), based upon your responses to the residency section of the application.  A student’s residency status typically does not change for the duration of their studies at UMass Boston.  If you were determined to be an out-of-state student upon admission, you will always be an out-of-state student, barring significant change in circumstances.

To view the rules and regulations governing residency please read this document: Rules and Regulations Governing Residency Status of Students for Tuition Purposes

If you feel you have such a change in circumstances, please read and respond to our Residency Classification Worksheet.  This worksheet will help you determine whether not your situation may warrant a residency appeal/request for reclassification.  Just as importantly, it will also clearly explain why you may not be eligible for in-state status.

Please note that per Board of Higher Education policy, “Residency is not acquired by mere physical presence in Massachusetts while the person is enrolled in an institution of higher education.” (Rules and Regulations Governing the Residency Status of Students for Tuition Purposes:  section 2.2).

If, after completing the checklist, you believe you are eligible to request a reclassification, the appropriate forms (Residency Reclassification Request with all supporting documents) must be filed with the Registrar’s Office, 4th Floor, Campus Center, no later than the last day of the add/drop period of the term for which you are requesting reclassification.