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Course Descriptions

Is a course description the same as a syllabus?

No. A course description is a brief overview or statement that informs students of the subject matter and breadth of a course. These descriptions are found within course catalogs to assist students during enrollment periods.

A syllabus is the detailed, structured outline of a course that is usually composed by the instructor or department of said course, and distributed at the start of each semester.  Please note: The Registrar’s office does not archive syllabi. If a syllabus is required, please contact the department directly.

What is the best way to request course descriptions?

Course descriptions dating from 2009 to current year are readily available at the following link:

Students who wish to receive copies of official course descriptions  prior to 2009  may fill out the Course Description Request Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office in one of the following ways:

·         By Fax: 617-287-6242

·         By Email :

·         In person: Registrar’s Office. Campus Center. 4th floor. Room 4100

·         By Mail: Course Descriptions

   Office of the Registrar

   UMass Boston

   100 Morrissey BLVD

    Boston, MA 02125


Please allow 4-5 business days for processing. If the course(s) were taken prior to 1982, or through Boston State College, please allow  7-10 business days  for processing.