Register for Courses


Registration begins at the beginning of November for the spring semester and the beginning of April for the fall semester. Check the academic calendar for the exact date. Students are assigned starting dates based on the number of earned credits so that not all students begin on the first day of registration. All continuing active students must register prior to December 31st for the spring semester and June 1st for the fall semester or they will be assessed the late fee. Students are emailed an invitation to register before each registration period. The email details the date they can begin their registration and it will also include the late registration date.

Graduate Students

Continuous Registration/Program Fee Requirement 

Each degree-seeking graduate student must maintain continuous registration until the degree sought by the student has been formally awarded. If in any semester, for any reason, the student does not register for course, thesis or dissertation credits, he/she may maintain continuous registration by registering for the program fee (CAS 600).