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Non-Degree Students

Fall 2017

Advising and registration information for non-degree students wishing to enroll for the fall 2017 semester will be available in late spring.  Please check back!

You have two options:

  1. Many non-degree courses are offered through the College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS). This academic unit offers a significant number of courses through multiple channels: online learning, evening, weekend, summer and winter classes, off-campus and certificate programs. These courses are like other UMass Boston courses in terms of their substance and faculty, but the registration procedures, fees, and dates for them differ somewhat.
  2. UMass Boston has ten other colleges and most offer non-degree courses. You should complete a free online application which will is available below. Once your account is created or reactivated, assuming space is available and you meet the prerequisites,you will be able to register yourself for the course(s) you wish to take.


Some courses are open only to matriculated degree students:

  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences:  Courses are not open for non-degree registration.
  • College of Management: Limited courses open for non-degree registration.  Please review their registration policies for non-degree students. 
  • “G” courses:  Any 100 or 200 level course with a “G” designation is restricted to degree students only.
  • English 101 and 102 courses:  Spaces are opened during non-degree registration for a limited number of sections ONLY.  Most sections are not open to non-degree students. The College of Advancing and Professional Studies sections ARE open to non-degree students throughout registration.
  • Lab sciences:  Courses are open to non-degree students who have completed appropriate pre-requisites, but many sections are filled prior to the start of non-degree registration. Please check availability before submitting a registration request.

Courses with pre-requisites:

If a course has pre-requisites and you have not completed those pre-requisites at UMass Boston, you will not be able to register through self-service without permission.  To register for a course that has pre-requisites that you have met at another institution, you will need to submit a transcript, along with your registration request, to the department for approval.  They will either issue you a permission number to use in Self-Service or give you written permission that you can to submit to the Registrar’s Office for assistance with registration.

Placement into Math courses:

Before registering for math courses up through Math 140, computer science courses up through  Computer Science 110, or any Quantitative Reasoning course, you must demonstrate your skills by taking a placement test, unless you have completed the appropriate prerequisite course(s) at UMass Boston.
For information on taking ALEKS Math PPL, our online Math Placement Test, please go to:


Prior to submitting a registration request, contact the appropriate graduate program or check the program website to find out the program’s non-degree registration process.  Please follow the program’s instructions to obtain permission to enroll.  

Link to graduate program contacts.

Two ways to register: Online and In Person

Deadlines Undergraduate Graduate
Complete Non-degree Application Form


Online Registration Begins January 9 January 9 or by permission
Walk-In Registration January 12* - January 27 January 12* - Jan 27 or by permission
Classes Begin January 23 January 23
Final Registration Deadline January 30 January 30 or by permission

*(Monday, January 16th the university is closed for the Martin Luther King Holiday)*

*“See top of the page for specific times”

Be sure to register as early as possible. The sooner you begin, the greater your chances of finding space in the course(s) you want.

Online Registration

New non-degree students or Inactive non-degree students must fill out our online free Non-Degree Application Form (link above).

Once we create your new student record and UMS number (your student ID number), we will email you a confirmation and instructions on how to enroll. Filling out this application form will allow you to enroll online as of January 9,2017.

Active students with a UMass Boston student email/username and password, can go directly to WISER to register when online registration opens on January 9th.

Walk-In Registration

Visit the One Stop Student Services Center on the upper level of the Campus Center during the registration period. Receive detailed information about registration, courses, locations, appropriate forms and payment information. Walk-in registration will be held January 12* - January 27 (Closed on January 16 Martin Luther King Holiday). 

*“See top of the page for specific times”

Graduate Course Registration

Registration schedules vary by program. Contact the appropriate graduate program director to make sure you are eligible for the course you want to take and that space is available. The same online free Non-Degree Application Form is used for non-degree graduate students and undergraduates (link above).

  • To register online as a non-degree student, you will be given a permission number.  
  • To register in person, the graduate program representative will give you a registration form carrying an approval signature that you take to the One Stop Student Services Center.

Your Financial Obligations

Billing Deadlines for Dropping or Withdrawing 

If you register for any course, and are accepted into it, you must pay for the course in full unless you:

  • Drop the course by the last day of add drop, or
  • Withdraw from all your courses early enough to be eligible for a refund mailed to you automatically

You will be financially responsible for any course for which you remain registered after the last day of add drop even if you:

  • Withdraw from all your courses after the fifth week of classes
  • Withdraw from the individual course after the last day of add drop
  • Receive a grade of "NA"

NOTE:  There are different add/drop and refund dates for College of Advancing and Professional Studies courses. Please refer to the CAPS Academic Calendar.

Quick References for Answers to Your Questions

One Stop Walk-in The best place to start
Registrar 617.287.6200 Add Drop; Registration; Residency
Bursar 617.287.5350 Payments; Tuition and Fees
University Advising Center 617.287.5500 Prerequisites, Course Selection, Planning
Testing Center 617.287.5522 Walk-in Math and Reading/Writing Tests 
Financial Aid 617.287.6300 Add Drop Affects your Award; Meet Deadlines


Residency Reclassification

If you have been classified as a non-resident of Massachusetts and you wish to appeal for reclassification as a Massachusetts resident, you must file your appeal no later than the last day of add drop. Forms and information are available in the Registrar's Office.

Academic Policies

  • You are expected to attend all scheduled classes. The instructor has the right to exclude you from a course if you are absent from the first two or more classes, regardless of the registration deadline.
  • If you do not attend a course or are asked to leave, you must officially drop or withdraw from the course to avoid a failing grade.

Academic Advising

Come to the University Advising Center to meet with an advisor. We will make sure:

  • you have the prerequisites you need before enrolling
  • you have the skills to be successful here
  • your course selection meets your academic plans
  • you know about any testing required for math and reading/writing
  • you bring unofficial transcripts from any colleges you have attended to meet prerequisite requirements

For schedule information about courses being offered use our Course Wizard

Academic Regulations for Non-Degree Students

Consult the university's Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Bulletin for information about academic programs and requirements. The following regulations are of critical importance to non-degree students.

Regulations Undergraduate Graduate
Academic Programs and Policies Undergraduate Catalog Graduate Bulletin
Minimum GPA required to maintain enrollment 2.0 GPA 3.0 GPA
Pass/Fail Option Up to 8 courses allowed Not Permitted
Maximum # of Non-degree Credits Applied Toward Degree subject to approval up to 16 credits up to 6 credits
  • Non-degree undergraduate students must meet a minimum retention standard of a 2.0 grade point average.
  • Non-degree graduate students must maintain a 3.0 average in all graduate courses.
  • If your cumulative average at the end of any semester has fallen below the required level, you will not be permitted to take UMass Boston courses in future semesters. The cumulative average will be based on grades for all UMass Boston courses that you have taken as a non-degree student at any time.
  • If you are admitted to an undergraduate degree program, you may count as many as 16 credits earned as a non-degree student toward the degree, subject to the approval of the appropriate academic dean.
  • No more than 6 credits earned as a graduate non-degree student may be applied toward a graduate degree or certificate.
  • Any undergraduate student may choose to take one course per semester or summer on a pass/fail basis, up to a maximum of eight. The course must be chosen before the appropriate pass/fail deadline in the academic calendar. If you successfully complete the course, it will count toward degree requirements.
  • Graduate students may not take any courses on a pass/fail basis.


We want to be certain that you have the skills you need for success before you take certain introductory courses. We use diagnostic testing to place you in the courses that will serve you best.

The Math Diagnostic Test


Before registering for math courses up through Math 140, computer science courses up through  Computer Science 110, or any Quantitative Reasoning course, you must demonstrate your skills by taking a placement test, unless you have completed the appropriate prerequisite course(s) at UMass Boston.
For information on taking ALEKS Math PPL, our online Math Placement Test, please go to:

The Reading/Writing Diagnostic Test

New degree-seeking students are required to take a diagnostic placement test in reading and writing as part of the orientation process. Non-degree students who wish to take English composition courses (English 101, 101E, 102, and 102E) or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses (ESL 100A through 100F) will be required to have their writing skills tested during your first class session.

  • Non-degree ESL students are encouraged to have their writing skills evaluated before registering.
  • Use the Testing Center's online calendar to make arrangements for your evaluation. 
  • ESL students who are taking courses in the English Language Study Program at the College of Advancing and Professional Studies must meet different testing requirements. Call the College of Advancing and Professional Studies at 617.287.7876.

International Students

If you have F-1 visa status, you may not register at UMass Boston as a non-degree student unless you are also registered for a full course of study at the institution that issued your I-20.

If you are not studying full-time at the school that issued your I-20, you are out of status with The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Students on other visa statuses (such as F-2, J-2, H-4, H-1B) usually do not need to be studying full-time or in a degree program. Check the conditions for your particular status. For more information, call the University Advising Center at 617.287.5500.

The information above applies to most courses offered at the UMass Boston campus.

College of Advancing and Professional Studies

For more information, see the College of Advancing and Professional Studies or call 617.287.7900.

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