All of the forms referenced below are available on the ORSP Forms web page.


A sponsor (or prospective funder of your proposed research project) will require you to complete some forms, a proposal narrative, and proposal budget. Your budget should reflect your narrative and vice-versa. As you prepare the aforementioned materials for a sponsor, you will want to at the same time become familiar the following ORSP information sheets.

  • Technical Information for Proposal Submission
  • Applicable Fringe Charges
  • Current F&A Agreement

The "Technical Information for Proposal Submission" sheet provides information you can typically expect a sponsor to require from you. The "Applicable Fringe Charges" sheet serves as a table for calculating the various costs of fringe benefits for employees to be paid from your grant. You will need the Applicable Fringe Charges to complete your proposal budget as well as the internal and required ORSP Budget Workbook (explained below). The "Current F&A Agreement" between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Massachusetts Boston permits the university to charge up to 52.5% F&A for all on-campus projects and up to 27.5% for all off-campus projects. For a detailed explanation, please read A Note Concerning the Recovery of Facilities and Administrative Costs of Sponsored Programs.


Complete the forms listed below. Please do not fill in these interactive forms until you have saved the blank template to your local machine by clicking the right side button on your mouse and following the instructions to save the file.

  • UMass Boston Conflict of Interest Disclosure:  All Principal investigators should have a signed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form on file with ORSP. Instructions for completing this form are available directly below.
  • Instructions for completing the UMass Boston Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
  • Participation Agreement: All principal investigators should have a signed Participation Agreement on file with ORSP
  • Memorandum of Understanding for Co-PIs (complete only if applicable)
  • U.S. Public Health Service Disclosure Forms (complete only if applicable)
  • Request for Advance Account
  • Request for New Project/Grant
  • Authorized Signature Form


Complete the forms listed directly below.

  • Proposal Routing Form, or PRF:  A completed PRF must accompany each proposal submitted to the ORSP.
  • Attachment A: Budget Workbook:  This is a new Budget Workbook with an adjustable F&A rate. To select a F&A rate, highlight the cell "6FACAD MTC" and then select the desired rate from the dropdown menu. Remember to complete line 21 (Health and Welfare) if you are budgeting for staff with benefits.
  • Attachment B: Cost Sharing Worksheet (if applicable)
  • Attachment C: Fabricated Equipment Request Form (Read A Note Concerning Fabricated Equipment to determine if you need to complete this form and submit it to the ORSP.)


Assemble all forms and information (as required by the sponsor and the UMass Boston ORSP), and submit your proposal package to the ORSP at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor's deadline.