UMass Boston Genomics Core Facility Opens

James G. Mortenson | July 07, 2015

Building on the momentum of the recently opened state-of-the art Integrated Sciences Complex and the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy (CPCT) at UMass Boston, the university now announces the official opening of the center’s Genomics Core facility.

Kamal Bawa is Elected Fellow of the Royal Society

James G. Mortenson | July 02, 2015

Professor Kamal Bawa joins former and current fellows such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and about 80 Nobel laureates.

UMass Boston Professors and Staff Member Honored for Mentoring Graduate Students

James G. Mortenson | June 23, 2015

Awards are named after Joan H. Liem in honor of her 40-plus years of mentoring at UMass Boston.

Poet Jill McDonough Examines Technology and the Culture of Secrecy

Shilpi Suneja and James G. Mortenson | May 21, 2015

Through her poetry she examines the contemporary culture of secrecy and willful ignorance, what is being done in our name as Americans...what it means to be an American in the present moment.

ZhongPing Lee Sheds Light on the Health of Our Planet

Shilpi Suneja and James G. Mortenson | May 18, 2015

Studying the vast and constantly changing oceans, even with the aid of satellites, presents some major challenges.

Physicist Rao Innovating New Concepts in Nonlinear Optics for Forty Years

James G. Mortenson | May 15, 2015

Rao’s work is laying the foundation for ground-breaking research in the biomedical and biological areas.

UMass Boston Receives $1.4M Grant to Promote Motor Development of Children with Disabilities

Office of Communications | May 11, 2015

The Center for Social Development and Education (CSDE) at the University of Massachusetts Boston has received a $1.4 million grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to promote motor development of children with disabilities.

Faculty Research Celebration Focuses on Education, Policy Impact

Colleen Locke | May 06, 2015

Professors Miren Uriarte of the College of Public and Community Service, and Tara Parker and Anne Douglass of the College of Education and Human Development shared their high-impact research at the annual Faculty Research Celebration on Tuesday.

Keisler is First UMass Boston Prof to Be Named Distinguished Fulbright Chair

Colleen Locke | April 23, 2015

Professor of Management Systems Jeffrey Keisler has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair position for the 2015-2016 academic year.

UMass Boston Professor Maria Ivanova Named Andrew Carnegie Fellow

Office of Communications | April 22, 2015

Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance Maria Ivanova is one of 32 recipients, out of 301 nominees, to receive a $200,000 grant as part of the inaugural class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York.