Office of Health Disparities Research and Training

UMass Boston students presenting at the OHDRT 2017 Symposium.

Supporting UMass Boston's racial and ethnic health disparities research and training

The Office of Health Disparities Research and Training (OHDRT) is a sub-unit for coordinating and supporting the development and implementation of UMass Boston's initiatives focused on racial and ethnic health disparities research and training.

Specifically, OHDRT will work toward these goals through four core strategies:

  1. Infrastructure – Serve as an infrastructure for supporting and promoting racial and ethnic health and health disparities education and research on campus.
  2. Interdisciplinary Education and Training – Serve as a resource for campus-wide cross-disciplinary programs of education and training on  racial and ethnic health disparities.
  3. Faculty Diversity and Development – Support the recruitment and retention of more racially and ethnically diverse faculty involved in health disparities research.
  4. Community Engagement – Strengthen bi-directional engagement between researchers and community-based partners, with a focus on promoting research and community literacies.

OHDRT strives to strengthen the pathway of health disparities researchers from underrepresented communities and to promote the integration of cutting-edge biomedical approaches with cultural responsiveness and a deep understanding of the social determinants of health. Through this innovative and comprehensive approach, UMass Boston will increase its level of racial and ethnic health disparities research and promote the training of a diverse pool of researchers in those areas, striving for a maximum impact on the lives of those most affected by disparities and contributing to much-needed progress in promoting better health for under-served communities.

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