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Additional Resources

Office of Research Integrity
The Office of Research Integrity, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, is dedicated to the promotion of responsible conduct of research and monitors investigations of research misconduct.

The Hastings Center
The Hastings Center conducts research in the area of bioethics and publishes several periodicals including The Hastings Center Report and IRB: Ethics and Human Research which include articles pertinent to all members of the research community. Articles from the IRB journal can be accessed electronically via the Healey Library E-Journal database.

Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
The Kennedy Institute of Ethics, housed at Georgetown University, is dedicated to researching issues in ethics and bioethics, including the protection of human research subjects. Articles from this journal can also be accessed via the Healey Library E-Journal database.

Bioethics and the NIH
This site provides a listing of all online information at the NIH pertaining to bioethics.

NIH Public Health Service Grant Application
This site provides supplemental instructions for preparing the human subjects portion of the research plan.

NSF Grant Proposal Guide
This site provides information on National Science Foundation proposals involving human subjects.