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Chemistry Department

Undergraduate Programs

  • Chemistry (Minor)
  • Chemistry, BA
  • Chemistry, BS (ACS-Certified)

Graduate Programs

  • Chemistry, BS/MS
  • Chemistry, MS
  • Chemistry, PhD (Biological Track)
  • Chemistry, PhD (Chemistry Education Research Track)
  • Chemistry, PhD (Green Track)
  • Chemistry, PhD (Inorganic Track)
  • Chemistry, PhD (Organic Track)
  • Chemistry, PhD (Physical/Analytical Track)
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

$1.6M Received for New Biophysical Core Facility

UMass Boston was founded on the principle that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and identity, deserve the best of higher education. Our campus is recognized nationally as a highly diverse campus, devoted to social justice and equality. The Department of Chemistry proudly supports these principles and stands in solidarity with our community who are outraged at the continuing violence and injustice experienced by People of Color and other oppressed and marginalized groups in our society, including international students. To quote the Division of Student Affairs at UMass Boston, "Oppression and marginalization are antithetical to the principles of a public university that seeks to serve a mission for the public good". The Department of Chemistry will continue to strive toward turning the scales upon the systemic inequalities historically associated within STEM disciplines. Our faculty and staff stand united in our commitment to provide an equal opportunity for all our students by upholding our principles of diversity and inclusion. 
Should any member of our community feel discriminated against or mistreated, we encourage them to contact their instructor, professor, or the department chair for guidance, or to directly contact the Dean of Students Office at UMass Boston.

The Chemistry Department Welcomes You

Consider becoming a Green Chemist. It’s one of our specialties. Study environmental and economic sustainability that can lead to alternative fuel. Discover synthetic routes to new drugs, solar cells, and batteries made by greener methods. Figure out the complex mechanisms that occur at the nanoscale in methane combustion, and engineer creative mechanisms to capture carbon dioxide emissions. Create equity in learning chemistry by responding to who students are and ways they think about chemistry in the world. Investigate career opportunities for chemists at pharmaceutical, biomedical, and petroleum companies. Our undergraduate program has been designed to prepare students for the challenges that face chemists in modern society. The Chemistry Department provides a program approved by the American Chemical Society to offer an ACS-certified BS degree in chemistry as well as a BS in biochemistry, BA in chemistry, and minors in chemistry or environmental chemistry. Our graduate program offers a flexible master's (MS) degree and six tracks in the Chemistry PhD program: biological chemistry, chemistry education research, green chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical/analytical chemistry.

Chemistry Department

University Hall 3230
Phone: 617.287.6130
Fax: 617.287.6030

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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