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Department of Chemistry
University of Massachusetts Boston
University Hall 3230
Phone: 617.287.6130
Fax: 617.287.6131

The Chemistry Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston is located in University Hall on the Harbor Campus. We offer the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, the combined Master and Bachelor of Science degrees, the minor in Chemistry, and a jointly administered degree in Biochemistry.

The specialty of our department is in the field of Green Chemistry, and we are proud to be the first school in the country to offer a doctoral degree via the PhD in Chemistry/Green Chemistry Track. Our research efforts are united through the theme of Green Chemistry, and our department is home to the Center for Green Chemistry. Our faculty are committed to research designed to benefit society, and this emphasis is reflected in our course selections at all levels of education.

The undergraduate program has been designed to prepare students for the challenges that face the chemist in a modern society. Graduates may go directly into industry or may continue their education at the graduate level in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, or other fields. Both lectures and discussion sections in most first and second year courses are conducted by faculty members who bring to the subject their experience in teaching and research to help make students aware of current developments in the field. Faculty direct laboratories as well, and with the aid of teaching assistants are able to give individual attention to smaller groups of students during laboratory sessions.

Upper level courses are conducted in small groups under almost tutorial conditions. Active research participation by undergraduate students is highly encouraged. Working closely with individual faculty members in the laboratory, students attain a high level of scientific experience and professional maturity.