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NESTS is run by a dedicated E-board. In addition to the E-board, the group is sectioned off into three committees: Education, Safety, and Newsletter run by chair holders. The rest of the members are involved in a little bit of everything. 


  • President: Andrew Gnann
  • Vice President: Meredith Ward
  • Secretary: Daniela Graf Stillfried
  • Treasurer: Jessica Soule
  • Event Coordinator: Jessica Karch

Committees (chair holders italicized)

Education Committee: The Education Committee is dedicated to finding outreach opportunities in the Greater Boston area that involves teaching the general public about Green Chemistry. This committee finds these opportunities, develops demos, organizes events, and reports back to the group. Members: Raúl Orduña Picón, Jonathan Flores, Sederra Ross, and Meredith Ward

Safety Committee: The Safety Committee's primary focus is to review the safety practices at the University and implement changes as needed. Currently this committee is developing a new safety video to show undergraduate students taking general chemistry courses at UMass Boston. MembersSabrina Akhter and Clarissa Keen

Newsletter Committee: The Newsletter Committee works on creating a semi-annual Green Chemistry Newsletter. This committee is involved in all aspects of creating this newsletter from researching topics, procuring stories, conducting interviews, and designing the layout. MembersSumeyra GokalpDaniela Graf Stillfried and Jessica Karch

Active Members

  • Sabrina Akhter 
  • Genevieve Asselin
  • Vanna Blasczak
  • Klaudja Caushi
  • Jonathan Flores
  • William Gazlay
  • Andrew Gnann 
  • Sumeyra Gokalp
  • Reyaz Gonzalez
  • Daniela Graf Stillfried
  • Brendan Hughes
  • Jessica Karch
  • Clarissa Keen
  • Anne Kokel
  • Jeremy Liew
  • Rachel Muriph
  • Raúl Orduña Picón
  • Alyssa Pimentel
  • Sederra Ross
  • Jessica Soule
  • Meredith Ward


  • Ray Borg
  • Meaghan McKinnon

Tools & Resources