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Mathematics Department

Undergraduate Programs

  • Mathematics (Minor)
  • Mathematics, BA
  • Mathematics, BS

Graduate Programs

  • Computational Sciences (CSci), PhD
  • Integrative Biosciences (IB), PhD

Welcome to the Department Of Mathematics!

The Department of Mathematics supports the mission of the University by:

  • providing mathematics majors with high quality programs
  • offering high quality courses to majors in the sciences and to others who need mathematics in their field of study and research
  • educating those students whose primary interest is not in a field requiring the highest level of mathematics
  • working on the frontier of mathematical research in fields of interest to our faculty

Actuarial Science at UMass Boston

The Mathematics Department offers an introductory curriculum in Actuarial Science, approved at the UCAP-IP level by the Society of Actuaries.  As of March 2021, this curriculum consists of the following courses:

 Math 309, Financial Mathematics (prepares students for Exam FM).
 Math 345, Probability and Statistics (prepares students for Exam P).
 Math 448 and its graduate version  Math 648, Computational Statistics (VEE in Mathematical Statistics).

These courses are open to qualified students from all majors and programs, and also to qualified non-degree students; please click the links above for information on pre-requisite courses. Students currently majoring in Mathematics who wish to study Actuarial Science may do so from within their current program; all of the courses listed above may be counted towards the upper-level elective requirement in any concentration.
For additional information about the Actuarial Science curriculum at UMass Boston, please write to:

Taffee Tanimoto Mathematics Resource Center

The Taffee Tanimoto Mathematics Resource Center (named in honor of the founding Chair of Mathematics at UMass Boston) is a drop-in help center operated by the Department of Mathematics for all students enrolled in our 100 and 200-level courses.  The Center can provide technical assistance with the Edfinity online homework platform, as well as subject tutoring in most 100 and 200-level mathematics courses.

The Center is located in W-3-154-30, inside the main Mathematics Department space on the third floor of Wheatley (adjacent to the Venture Development Center). The Tanimoto Center's current hours of operation are:

Mondays 9:00-3:00 
Tuesdays 9:00-5:00
Wednesdays 9:00-3:00
Thursdays 9:00-5:00
Fridays 9:00-2:00

The Center is closed on all University holidays, and also on Wednesday, November 24 (the day before Thanksgiving).

Drop-ins are welcome, but it is possible to reserve an appointment using the link below, and it is advisable to do so, especially during peak usage hours:

The Tanimoto Center is staffed by advanced students of mathematics who have earned excellent grades in their introductory courses and have demonstrated an ability to communicate mathematical ideas clearly to a non-specialist audience.  If you are such a student and would like to be considered for a Tanimoto Fellowship, please contact the Mathematics Department staff to apply.

Math Club

Math Club meetings are in Wheatley 03-154-28 (conference room of the Mathematics department). The meetings will be on Wednesdays from 1-2pm this Spring 2023. Activities will include problem-solving sessions (with problems in math, probability, statistics and programming), presentations by students on math-related topics, interviews of faculty members about their research, Q&A with professionals from actuarial science, data science, finance, and more. Come join the fun and grab a slice of pizza!

Please contact Prof. David Degras for more information and/or to join the mailing list.