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Student Resources

Math Tutoring

  • The Subject Tutoring Program offers free individual and/or group tutoring for students enrolled in many 100- and 200-level courses in the College of Science and Mathematics and in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • The Student Success Center (SSC) supports undergraduate students in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) through professional academic advising, access to academic and career development resources and programming, and connections to opportunities for learning and development beyond the classroom.
  • Interested in becoming a Tutor? Click here

Math Text Editor

Below are free software solutions for producing mathematical and scientific documents:

  • LaTeX is one of the most used software for producing scientific documents. Common TeX distributions like MikTeX and TexLive are available on all computing platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Additional LaTeX packages can be downloaded on the CTAN (Comprehensive Tex Archive Network).
  • WinEdit is a powerful text editor for Windows geared towards LaTeX.

Math Computing

Below are free resources for mathematical computing:

  • Mathematical software like Mathematica and Matlab is freely available through the University.
  • CloudPC is a new service that gives streaming access to a cloud-based PC machine. CloudPC makes it possible to use software like Matlab, Mathematica, SAS, STATA, and SPSS remotely. 
  • Python is a widely used (free) programming language for all-purpose scientific computing.
  • R is a popular free programming environment geared towards statistics. RStudio provides a convenient interface to base-R with additional features.

Problem-Solving Seminar

Each fall semester Professor Catalin Zara convenes and leads a student group focusing on the enjoyment, challenges and strategies of mathematics problem solving, with the aim of participation in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. This is an exciting opportunity to further your mathematical experience, collaborate with other students, and reap benefits that will remain long after the Competition takes place. Please contact Professor Zara if you are interested in participating in the Putnam and in joining the problem-solving student group.

Undergraduate Research


Math Associations

  • American Mathematical Society (AMS). The AMS is the primary professional organization in mathematics in the USA. Its offerings are vast. The link above takes one directly to pages for students; we encourage exploration of other aspects of the AMS, including conferences, employment guides  and free publications.
  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The MAA works together with the AMS and places particularly strong emphasis on students, especially college mathematics students. 

Math Conferences

Math Journals

  • Quanta Magazine. This is a relatively new magazine, offering articles on recent developments in mathematics and various sciences. It is distinguished in offering material covered in depth and, at the same time, in a widely accessible format.

Tools & Resources