UMass Boston

Seminar Series

The presentations cover a large variety of topics and are intended for a general math audience. The seminar usually takes place on Wednesdays afternoons, from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, in the Conference room of the Mathematics Department (W03-154-28).

Spring 2023 seminars

Date Speaker Title
02/13/2023 Maryam Bagherian (Yale University Medical School) Distance metric learning and its application in tensor recovery
02/15/2023 Alex Kuronya (Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt) Order of vanishing of polynomials via convex geometry
03/06/2023 Mohamad Kazem Shirani Faradonbeh (University of Georgia) What beliefs help dynamic data-driven decision-making?
03/08/2023 Dmitri Krioukov (Northeastern University) Network geometry
03/22/2023 Ben Knudsen (Northeastern University) The complexity of collision-free motion planning on graphs
04/19/2023 Eric Sommers (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Hessenberg varieties and the geometric modular law
04/26/2003 Tomas Berggren (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Random dimer coverings of the Aztec diamond with doubly periodic edge weights
05/03/2024 Zhongyang Li (University of Connecticut) Perfect matchings on Rail-Yard graphs: limit dhapes and height fluctuations

Fall 2022 seminars

Date Speaker Title
10/05/2022   Argenis Arriojas Maldonado (University of Massachusetts Boston)

 A Bayesian Noisy Logic Model for Inference of Transcription Factor Activity from Single Cell and Bulk Transcriptomic Data

10/12/2022   Dave Vogan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  Affine Weyl Group Alcoves
10/24/2022   Omar Hijab (University of New Haven)

 What is the Fundamental Theorem of Trigonometry, and what did Archimedes have to do with it?

11/09/2022   Kevin Sackel (University of Massachusetts Amherst)  TBD
11/16/2022 Rory Martin-Hagemeyer (University of Massachusetts Boston) TBD
11/30/2022   Xujia Chen (Harvard University)  TBD
1207/2022 Evan Ray (University of Massachusetts Amherst) The COVID-19 Forecast Hub: collaborative forecasting of short-term COVID-19 trends to support public health in the United States

Spring 2022 seminars

Date Speaker Title
02/02/2022 Eric Kolaczyk (Boston University) How Do I Average Networks?
02/16/2022 Olga Vitek (Northeastern University) Statistical Methods and Tools for Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics
03/09/2022 Yves Atchadé (Boston University) Asynchronous MCMC Sampling for Sparse Bayesian Inference

Fall 2021 seminars

Date Speaker Title
11/17/2021 Oleg Lazarev (UMass Boston) Localization and Flexibilization in Symplectic Geometry
11/24/2021 Solesne Bourguin (Boston University) Stein’s Method, Stochastic Calculus of Variations, and Random Matrices

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