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Physics Department

Undergraduate Programs

  • Engineering Physics, BS
  • Physics (Minor)
  • Physics, BA
  • Physics, BS

Graduate Programs

  • Applied Physics MS
  • Applied Physics PhD
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Physics Department

Welcome to the Physics Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

In the minds of many students, physics is often conflated with mathematics and to counter this view our program design places strong emphasis on the empirical motivation behind physical concepts. This is implemented both through experimental and computational courses as well as a growing number of cross-disciplinary offerings which serve to illustrate the physical approach to problem solving and the recognition of patterns. The research interests of our faculty all reside under a common rubric of “the physics of systems away from equilibrium” and many of these interests are manifested in the cross-disciplinarity seen in the curriculum. With this as overall motivation, the Physics Department offers graduate degrees at both the master’s and doctoral levels, and three undergraduate baccalaureate degrees. In addition, a minor in physics is offered to undergraduate students majoring in any discipline from any college in the university.

Nithyasri Srivathsan, CEO of SheQuantum, will be a guest lecturer in Physics 447

Contact to attend the Zoom lecture at 11:00am on 3/8/22

APS News recently interviewed UMB Physics Alum Joseph Farah, recipient of the 2021 LeRoy Apker Award

"This pattern of success is a consequence of early identification of good students and the ability to focus on their development that comes from being a small department at a university that highly values teaching."
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Check out this in-depth look at the theory of QBism and faculty member Christopher Fuchs!

"Fuchs is a physicist at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the leading proponent of QBism, one of the newest and most controversial of quantum theory’s many interpretations"
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"Quantum speed limits are not actually quantum" recently covered work from undergraduate physics major Brendan Shanahan and Prof. Adolfo del Campo - find out more here!
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