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Education for the Clean Energy Economy: Four Program Options

We are thankful for the support from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC); UMass Boston offers four new interdisciplinary programs in clean energy and sustainability that will equip “green and white-collar” professionals, policymakers, and business managers for the transition to a clean energy economy. Designed for students and professionals, these new offerings blend up-to-date expertise, theory, and practice to meet the demands of transitioning to a sustainable world where innovation and leadership are paramount. The programs include:

  1. Graduate Certificate in Clean Energy and Sustainability
  2. MBA Specialization in Environmental Management and Sustainability 
  3. Professional Science MS in Environmental Sciences
  4. Undergraduate Minor in Clean Energy and Sustainability

These programs provide a bridge to the future. Clean energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, according to Clean Edge, and Massachusetts is at the forefront of this trend. Markets and career opportunities are also growing rapidly in energy efficiency, smart grid, carbon trading, and related financial and professional services. In business, managers in every sector and every function, from operations and marketing to accounting and finance, need to become knowledgeable about sustainability management and reporting. Similarly, this topic is increasingly important for people working in government, education, and nonprofit organizations.

With this growth comes new expectations for workforce education and training, and UMass Boston is paving the way. A joint venture of UMass Boston's College of Management and the School for Environment (SFE), these programs also feature collaborative engagement with area businesses, nonprofit and social enterprise organizations, and other groups committed to building a more sustainable world. The programs are being coordinated through the newly launched Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness (SERC).


Other Environmental Education Programs at the University of Massachusetts Boston

The College of Management currently offers an environmental management specialization in the MBA program.

The Public Policy PhD program in the McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies has enrolled a number of students with interests in environmental economics, policy, and business. Graduates include Dr. Charles Jones and Dr. Edie Mas.

The School for Environment (SFE) offers a range of degree programs to the doctoral level.

UMass Boston offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate Environmental Studies Program (ESP) that helps students understand the underlying causes of environmental problems and encourages a search for solutions. In recognition of the complexity of environmental issues, the Program is broadly based on the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences.

The Science in a Changing World Masters and Graduate Certificate programs, with a home in Continuing and Professional Studies, prepares students to participate in questioning and shaping the direction of scientific and social changes, including those around the environment, and to teach and engage others to participate in this important endeavor.


Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness

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