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Requesting the Chancellor

Chancellor Request

If you have an upcoming event at which you would like the chancellor to have a role (welcoming remarks, keynote speech, etc.) please fill out and submit the electronic Chancellor Event Request as soon as possible and at least 3 weeks prior to your event. Once his schedule is reviewed a member of his staff will contact you to confirm or deny the request. If you have any questions you may contact the office at 617.287.6800.


When the chancellor is present at your event, please be aware of the following protocol:

  • Seating: When planning the seating arrangement for your event, the chancellor should be seated at the head table with other dignitaries. If you are not planning assigned seating for your event, you should still have a reserved seat for the chancellor. If lecture style seating, please have a chair reserved in the front row near the stage. If banquet style seating, the chancellor should be seated at "Table 1" with the other dignitaries and speakers. The chancellor should be facing the stage/podium.  You may use this Reserve Chancellor Seat SignReserve Chancellor Seat Sign and/or Reserve Chancellor Table Sign.
  • VIPs: If your event will have other dignitaries present, either as part of your program or as guests, please let your scheduling manager as well as the Office of University Events and Ceremonies know. Even if you do not plan to have the chancellor present at your event, it is important for the chancellor to know if people of note will be coming to campus, so he can properly welcome them. Essentially they are guests in his home, and he wants to make them feel welcome.
  • Speaking: As indicated on the chancellor’s request form, if the chancellor is speaking at your event, a copy of the timeline, attendees, speaking order, and chancellor’s suggested remarks (in bullet point format), must be submitted to the Chancellor’s Office at least two weeks in advance of the event, with the understanding that adjustments may be required.  A member of the chancellor's staff will contact you to review your proposed speaking program. For many events it is protocol for the chancellor to speak first and give a welcome on behalf of the university.
  • Stage Setup: It is university protocol to have flags on the stage. The U.S. flag is placed stage right and the MA state flag is placed stage left (when on stage the U.S. should be on the speaker's right and MA on the speaker's left). Please have a high-stool or chair available on stage or near the podium for the chancellor to sit and other program participants to sit, if he/they are to remain on stage.
  • Audio/Visual: Please contact AV Services & Classroom Support to arrange for microphones and other audio/visual services.
  • Accommodations: It is courteous to have bottled water available for all of your speakers, including the chancellor. Please have a bottle of water either at each of your speaker's seats, or have water available at the podium.
  • Menu: It is generally courteous to have vegetarian options available.
  • Photography: To request the services of a staff photographer, please fill out the online photography request form.
  • Videography: If your event is high-profile, or if you plan to broadcast it post-event, you may want to have your event videotaped. AV Services & Classroom Support can provide this service. Please note that there is a fee for this. For more information, please contact John Jessoe.
  • Media: If you anticipate media to be present at your event, or would like assistance creating a news release, please contact DeWayne Lehman, the director of communications for the university.