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Office of University Events: Resources

There are numerous logistical details to ensure a successful event. The following documents should serve as useful resources to help you with your event planning from initial concept and preliminary planning to post event wrap up activities. All of the items on these documents may not apply to your particular event, but following these guidelines will ensure that you stay on track.

Planning Documents and Check Lists

The Event Planning Outline provides a big picture perspective to reference at the conceptual stage. Use this for preliminary planning meetings to confirm the goals and themes of the event, and to assist and ensure that all interested parties have the same vision for the event.

The Event Planning Check List is the primary document that will keep you on track with the many planning details from the beginning stages through wrap up.  Using this check list will ensure that best practices and procedures are followed. Whether you are performing the tasks or assigning them, this is an extremely useful tool.

The Event Budget Worksheet is a template used to estimate an over-all budget and track event related expenses (sheet 1 on the spreadsheet) as well as track vendor payments (sheet 2 on the spreadsheet).

The Event Supply List is a great punch list of items you will want to bring with you to your event. It is good to pack your supplies and check your inventory during the week leading up to your event in case items need to be ordered or purchased. In many cases, larger items such as easels and flip charts are provided by the venue manager (Campus Center or Event Services), and waters for the podium are arranged through the caterer.

The Name Tag Template has been created and should be used for guests who are attending a university event. The name tags should be printed on Avery template #5392. On the template are suggested font sizes and layouts for names, titles and organizations.

Tips and Tricks

Always call the Office of University Events if you have any questions or need referrals for event-related service vendors. We are here as a resource to ensure that your event is run smoothly, and will position the university in a positive light.

Choosing a caterer

Effective July 2011, when purchasing anything for campus, regardless of price, departments must use university, campus, state, or MHEC publicly bid competitive procurement contracts 100% of the time for goods that are on contract. This practice is to maximize vendor competition and volume discount purchases. Please visit the Procurement website for details about bid limits and procuring a caterer or other vendor for your event. 

Invitations are usually sent 6 weeks in advance of the event, and the rsvp date is usually 10 days prior to the event date. A save the date can be sent vie email or post, and can go out at least 6 months or earlier before the event date.

When sending invitations, add your name and address to the mailing list (both campus address and home address) so you will know when your guests receive their invitations. Please be sure to add the disability related accommodations clause to the invitation.

Please contact Creative Services to ensure your invitations and publications are produced within university branding guidelines.