The Survey and Statistical Methods Core (SSMC)

UMass Boston - Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center

Materials from Past Sessions

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2011 Seminar Series Materials
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Session 1:  Introduction to Survey Research, 1/19

Session 2:  Questionnaire Design & Development, 2/16

Session 3:  Evaluating Survey Questions, 3/16

Bonus Session: “Reconsidering Mail Survey Methods in an Internet World” – ASA/AAPOR Webinar by Don A. Dillman, 4/13

Session 4:  Overview on Standardized Survey Interviewing, 4/20

Session 5:  Sample Design, 5/25

Session 6:  Human subjects protection in survey research, 9/7

Session 7:  Cancer Registries and Medical Record Review, 10/12

Session 8:  Confidentiality and Data Security, 11/2

Session 9:  Overview of Qualitative Methods, 12/7


2012 Seminar Series Materials
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Session 1:  Workshop in Standardized Survey Interviewing, 1/10

Session 2:  Community-Based Participatory Research, 2/14

Session 3:  Cultural Competence in Research Symposium, 3/27

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Session 4:  Application of GEE and Mixed Effects Model in Longitudinal Data Analysis, 4/17

Session 5:  Workshop on Cognitive Interviewing:  Testing Legacy Questions, 9/11

Session 6:  Conducting Surveys Across Cultures: Lessons Learned, 10/9

Session 7:  Reliability and Validity, 11/13

  • Due to technical difficulties, this seminar does not have any postable materials. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Session 8:  Doing Quality Literature Reviews, 12/4


2013 Seminar Series Materials
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Session 1:  Workshop in Standardized Interviewing:  Probing Methods, 1/7

Session 2:  How to Measure the Quality of a Medical Decision, 2/11

Session 3:  Rapid Ethnographic Procedures in Community-Based Participatory Research, 3/11

Session 4:  Asking Questions about (Possibly) Sensitive Behaviors, 4/8

Session 5:  What is Quality of Life? And How Do We Measure It?, 9/4

Session 6: Child-Reported Outcomes in Pediatric Advanced Cancer: Are They Helpful?, 10/2

Session 7: Neighborhood Characteristics and Health: a Discussion on the Measurement of Neighborhoods and the Effort to Change Neighborhood Characteristics, 11/6

Session 8: Survey Response Rates: Issues to Consider When Planning Your Survey Research, 12/4

2014 Seminar Series Materials

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Session 1: Power calculations: When and why are they necessary, 2/3


Session 2: Administering multisite studies: Pitfalls and pointers, 3/3


Session 3: Non-verbal response card for asking sensitive reproductive health questions: evidence from Jimma, Ethiopia, 4/7


Session 4: Integration of Survey and Biospecimen Data Collection in Longitudinal Studies: Bringing Epidemiology and Biology Together into Cohesive Studies


Session 5: An Overview of Qualitative Research


Session 6: Improving Measurement of Physical Exercise Using SMS Diaries


Session 7: An Overview of Program Evaluation


Session 8: Participatory Research to Create Change in Communities: Assessing Networks as an Example

2015 Seminar Series Materials

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Session 1: How to measure what we'd rather not say: List experiments and anti-immigrant sentiment

Session 2: Using Propensity Score Analysis in Behavioral Studies

Session 3: Personal Social Network Analysis and its Applications

Session 4: Discovering Survey Error Using Cognitive Interviewing