Talented and Gifted (TAG) Latino Program

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Summer TAG

Please arrive by 9:30 am on July 6

Summer TAG offers an intensive five-week summer program at UMass Boston that prepares close to 275 students for the following school year. Students take academic classes in the morning and recreational activities in the afternoon. Classes are taught by highly qualified, culturally competent, and diverse teachers, and are supported by teaching assistants, most of whom are TAG alumni. The Summer TAG program not only offers 24 junior or seniors in high school and college students a summer job, but also gives them a meaningful experience with rigorous training in teaching and youth development with the hopes that they will pursue a career in education. The program is specially designed for Latino students, but open to all students in Boston Public Schools, with a component dedicated to English Language Learners (ELL), who can also receive summer school credit in Math and English. Summer TAG has been recognized nationally as a “Best Practice Model” for ELLs.

                                         Important Information:

Family Orientation June 11, 2016
Application Deadline June 28, 2016
Program Dates  July 6-August 4, 2016
Program Hours 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM