Talented and Gifted (TAG) Latino Program

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Tutoring (TAG+)

UMass Boston: Tutoring is offered to Boston Public School kids and takes place during our Saturday Academy program at UMass Boston. Tutors are teachers from Boston Public Schools or trained college students and TAG alumni. Students receive a minimum of one hour of free tutoring or enrichment classes a week. Students' grades and attendance are tracked, communication with teachers and guidance counselors is maintained, and narrative reports are sent to parents reporting on participation and improvement. Tutoring includes a snack and an agenda book.

TAG+ Tutoring has been in existence at UMass Boston since 2005. The program has remained small, tutoring 25 students due to space limitations on campus. One hour of the program is dedicated to tutoring or academic work, students are able to bring in homework they are having trouble with or not understanding, the rest of the program is dedicated to enrichment classes, recreational activities and sports. This has resulted in improved grades in specific subject areas of tutoring, particularly science, English, and math. The students who attend this program are mainly from English High School; students from all over the district are invited to participate. Students typically have very poor school attendance, limited English proficiency, and have negative outlooks on school. The staff TAG tutors and volunteer high school tutors have been successful at connecting with the students, helping develop a positive attitude, and improving academic and personal development by keeping them off the streets and involved in positive academic activities.