Talented and Gifted (TAG) Latino Program

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

PANAS Mentoring

Non-Exam PANAS Participant Commitment
  • Mentors and Mentees commit at least 1-year to PANAS.
  • Mentors and Mentees maintain communication at least 2-hours a week.
  • Mentors, Mentees, and families attend monthly Group mentoring events/minglers.
  • Mentors meet together once a month during PANA Nights.
  • Mentors, Mentees, and families attend monthly Parent Pot-Luck events and home visits.
  • Mentees receive at least 5 hours of tutoring at TAG+ at UMB or another formal tutoring program.

Para Ayudar Nuestros Alumnos a Sobresalir (PANAS) Mentoring matches TAG students in caring relationships with an adult mentor. Research has demonstrated that mentoring improves students' self-esteem, keeps youth in school, improves academic and professional skills, leads youth to resources they otherwise would not find, and supports positive new behaviors, attitudes and ambitions. These powerful impacts are not surprising, considering that positive, stable relationships with caring adults are critical to young people's positive development. The mission of PANAS is explicit in its name: to help our students excel; the term "panas" is Spanish for "pal".

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