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Boston is recognized far and wide as a world capital of higher education—a place where tens of thousands of students from every nation, cultural background, and socioeconomic status come to pursue their dreams. It is a hub for tech, a world-class center for biomedical research, a capital city of the arts, a place that vibrates with energy. In a state that prides itself on being a national center of knowledge, a locus of innovation, and a home for social movements, Boston is the crucible of it all. 

UMass Boston is proud to be the commonwealth’s premier urban public research university. We offer an education equal to the best found at any private university, with a profound twist: We are affordable, accessible, and eager to welcome every student with the capability and desire to pursue higher education. We stand with the city and our neighbors in a shared commitment to public service.

That this vibrant campus is growing in the midst of a stunning physical location is our great advantage. We can see the water from all sides of the campus. Light pours in through the windows of our Campus Center where students sit and work, enjoy one another’s company, or just stare out at the boats and sky. Our first residence hall opens in the fall, with an unparalleled view of the coast. And to this stunning setting come thousands of first generation students, speaking over 65 languages, to study with an outstanding faculty that is completely committed to their success. 

UMass Boston has recently been recognized for academic excellence by U.S. News and World Report, the Princeton Review, and other esteemed sources. But they are not telling us anything we don’t already know. And the best is yet to come. Take a few minutes to explore our website, learn more about our exciting programs, and then come to visit us. This is the place for the best, the brightest, the hardest working, the most ambitious students who have come to live and work in the epicenter of American higher education. Join us!    


Dr. Katherine Newman
Interim Chancellor

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