Board of Visitors

Next Meeting   
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 |  3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Alumni Lounge, Second Floor
Campus Center

RSVP to | 617.287.5389


University Advancement
Quinn Building, First Floor

Allison Duffy
Interim Vice Chancellor

Paula Hartman
Administrative Assistant for University Advancement


Katherine Newman, Interim Chancellor

Charles F. Desmond, Chair

Arthur N. Mabbett, '69, Chair Emeritus

Selma L. Sax, '63, Chair Emeritus

Paul T. Anastas, '84
Leslie Smith Baccini
Allan M. Bahn, '85
Nancie M. Barwick, '86
Arthur Bowes, ‘69
Lornie Bullerwell, ‘69
Richard P. Campbell, '70
David Coard ‘76, Emeritus
James B. Conway, '72, Emeritus
Martin W. Courage, '82
Allison Duffy
Mary Doucette Duseau, ’57, Emeritus
Thomas G. Feenan, '66, '69
Patricia C. Flaherty, '81
John G. Flores, '71
Gerard L. Gaughan
William J. Geary, '72
Marvin E. Gilmore, Jr.
Mary Grant, '86, Emeritus
Mary E. Grassa O'Neill, '68, '71
Andrew Grosovsky
Adrian Haugabrook, '02
Emmet Hayes, '90
Robert J. Hildreth
Sunta S. Izzicupo, '75
Janice A. James, Emeritus
Ralph M. James
Daniel M. Joyce, '82
Denise T. Kenneally, '77
Lee Michael Kennedy
William E. Kiernan
Mel King, '52, Emeritus
Edward M. Lambert, Jr.
Mark A. Marinella, '81
Marijo McCarthy, '78
Emily McDermott
Deborah T. Meehan, '76, Emeritus
Maureen E. Melton, '85, '90
Edward J. Merritt
Ruth A. Moorman
Edvaldo Morata
Irene Nichols ‘52
James F. O'Leary, '70
Colin Rule, '06, Emeritus
George A. Russell, Jr., HD '10, Emeritus
Benjamin Slomoff, '93, '97
James E. Smith, '69
Barbara C. Thibault, '69, Emeritus
Pamela L. Trefler, '93
William J. Walczak, '79
George Lee Weidenfeller, '69, Emeritus


The mission of the Board of Visitors is to serve as advocates and ambassadors for the University of Massachusetts Boston in order to raise the level of awareness of the quality and excellence of the university that will promote and strengthen the university’s vision for teaching, academic research, and major improvements to our campus infrastructure. The primary role of the board is to attract greater philanthropic and public support and increase alumni participation and community involvement. Members shall be engaged and active advisors to the chancellor in furtherance of his call to action on matters the chancellor shall deem appropriate.

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