Chancellor’s Communications

UMass Boston chancellor

A Message from UMass Boston Interim Chancellor Katherine Newman

Katherine Newman, Interim Chancellor | July 02, 2018
UMass Boston's new interim chancellor says seeking additional resources to increase financial aid, scholarships, summer jobs, and internships will be one of her highest priorities.

Chancellor’s Welcome: 50th Commencement (Undergraduate Ceremony)

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | May 26, 2018
In his opening remarks, Interim Chancellor Barry Mills remarks that for 50 years, UMass Boston has awarded degrees to immigrants and octogenarians, to the sons and daughters of Roxbury and Dorchester and the entire commonwealth—and to their sons and daughters.

Chancellor’s Welcome: 50th Commencement (Graduate Ceremony)

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | May 24, 2018
Interim Chancellor Barry Mills encourages the Class of 2018 to be ambitious, to excel in your chosen disciplines, and to be bold and fearless in extending all they have learned to other disciplines and issues.

UMass Boston’s Path to Greatness

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | April 11, 2018
Interim Chancellor Barry Mills offers a perspective on UMass Amherst's purchase of the Mount Ida College campus. Mount Ida College will stop operating at the end of the spring semester.

Centers & Institutes

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | March 26, 2018
Interim Chancellor Barry Mills has asked centers and institutes dependent on UMass Boston funding to become more self-sustaining. The funding transition will occur over four years. Funds saved will be available for financial aid or academic programs.

Thinking of Parkland, Florida

Interim Chancellor Barry Mills | February 15, 2018
UMass Boston has put in place a network of resources, procedures, and emergency communications designed to protect the campus community should an emergency arise.

Fixing the Substructure

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | January 31, 2018
Interim Chancellor Barry Mills unveils a plan to tear down the Science Center and garage beneath it and replace it with a parking lot, and repair the sections of underground garage beneath Wheatley and McCormack halls. The plan is estimated to cost less than initial estimates.

Welcome Back!

Interim Chancellor Barry Mills | January 22, 2018
Interim Chancellor Barry Mills welcomes students, faculty, and staff back to campus for the full resumption of the rewarding work of learning, teaching, research, and collaboration.

Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching: Call for Nominations

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | December 20, 2017
Interim Chancellor Barry Mills is seeking nominations for The Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching, which honors tenure-track junior faculty members who embody both academic and teaching excellence with an unwavering commitment to the campus and the university. Nominations are due March 2.

Budget Review

Barry Mills, Interim Chancellor | November 09, 2017
Firm KPMG finds that an array of factors combined to cause UMass Boston its past budget distress.