The University

Happy Holidays

J. Keith Motley, PhD, UMass Boston Chancellor | December 17, 2010

I hope that each of you enjoyed Tuesday’s Winter Wonderland festivities as much as I did!

My favorite part of the day was hosting Ms. Karen DeLaPlante’s third-grade class from the Lawrence Family Development Charter School – the same children who provided the artwork for our holiday greeting card. For many of those children, their spin around the rink at the Clark Athletic Center was their first time on ice skates; it was truly rewarding to be able to do something special for them.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Winter Wonderland events – not only for their spirit and enthusiasm, but also for their generosity to the Greater Boston Food Bank and our own Campus Kitchens. Together, we raised almost $900 and were able to donate 200 pounds of food to both organizations. Trent Davis of the Greater Boston Food Bank told us that it takes 1.3 pounds of food to make a meal, and that $900 buys around 2,200 meals – which means that we donated nearly 2,350 meals to those in need. I am not surprised that our community was able to give so generously, but I am very proud nonetheless. Thank you again. And congratulations to the winner of both the gingerbread house and snowman competitions, WUMB!

As the holiday season approaches, I hope that you will remember 2010 fondly as an enriching and fulfilling year. I am grateful for every milestone we worked so hard to achieve together, and thankful that I get to share the fruits of our labor with each one of our exceptional students, faculty members, and staff.

To every professor grading stacks of exams or typing up another grant proposal, and to every staff member, processing requests, shelving books, taking calls, or keeping our university running in some other way: I wish you a happy, healthy, and joyous season of celebration, and all the best for a New Year full of opportunities at Boston’s only student-centered, urban, public research university.