Statement Regarding Executive Order on Immigration

Chancellor J. Keith Motley | January 29, 2017

My thoughts have been with our campus community this weekend as we continue to watch developments around the series of executive orders signed by President Trump over the past week. These executive orders are very concerning, but as we have seen with the latest developments—court orders in New York and here in Boston blocking the implementation of the ban on immigration from seven particular countries—the policies they may usher in are far from settled.

I’m writing you today to make sure that you are aware that we are following these issues carefully and to remind you of our stand as a public research university—to protect and advocate for the most vulnerable to ensure all people have access to higher education. That means that the safety and academic success of each and every student is our number one priority.

As I stated in a communication to the campus community last month, this university supports the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and our undocumented immigrant students. I have signed a letter along with other higher education leaders calling for DACA’s preservation, enhancement, and expansion. We strongly uphold and advocate for the rights of international students and faculty and staff with legal status to be here to be allowed entry to the country to continue their education, research, and other work they do here. We will continue to hold firm on these positions.

Over the next several days and weeks, staff from our Division of Student Affairs and Division of Enrollment Management will reach out to and work with students who may be impacted by the recently signed executive orders. They will be following the developments around the implementation of the executive orders and will be available to offer advice and assistance, particularly around travel and immigration issues.


Our Office of Global Programs will provide counseling and information for international students and others with concerns related to immigration. (Visit or call 617.287.5586.)

Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion can provide referrals to students. (Visit or call 617.287.4818.)

Our Counseling Center will continue to offer counseling, including drop-in counseling, to all students. (Visit or call 617.287.5690.)

The University of Massachusetts Boston has a long history of pursuing its mission with vigor and determination. We will not waver now.