Bayside Property

Bayside Property Supports Campus Construction Activities

In 2010, the University of Massachusetts Boston, in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts Building Authority, acquired the former 20-acre Bayside Expo site in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. The waterfront property is 0.5 miles from campus.

Bayside has great potential for future development. In 2016-2017 it underwent a project to demolish the former Bayside Expo Center building. Designs have been completed to provide new pedestrian oriented walkways connecting Mt. Vernon Street to the Dorchester Beach Reservation and Boston HarborWalk.  

The former Bayside Expo site was obtained by UMass Boston after the 25-year master plan was implemented in 2007, and has subsequently been included in the plan’s geographic vision.  The increase in parking will help facilitate the University’s completion of capital construction projects as described in the master plan.

In the near term, UMass Boston will use the site to:

Demolition of the existing deteriorated structure is a step towards developing the former Bayside Expo site, and the on-site improvements will continue to re-establish the formerly idle waterfront property.  In the long term, UMass Boston will further the university’s mission and work with the City of Boston, the state, neighbors, and the surrounding communities to realize the potential of the former Bayside Expo site.

The former Bayside Expo site is located at 200 Mt. Vernon Street, directly past the DoubleTree Hotel.  After parking at the UMass Boston Bayside lot, students, faculty, staff and visitors can take a shuttle bus to campus that will drop them off at the Clark Athletic Center or the Campus Center. 

Planning for redevelopment of the Bayside site began on May 7, 2011 with a public planning charrette. The university hosted a second charrette on November 5, 2011.