The University

Renovations to Existing Academic Buildings (REAB)

The Renovations to Existing Academic Buildings (REAB) project will make improvements in McCormack and Wheatley Halls addressing instructional environments and public space on the first two levels of each building. The project also includes upgrades to the utility systems which will improve the indoor environment and air quality. Both facilities were built in the 1970s and have received only minor renovations since their original construction.

The work in classrooms and specialized teaching labs will range from refreshing the finishes and technology to reconfiguring space and gut-level renovations. Public corridors and informal lounge space will be upgraded with new furniture, finishes, and wayfinding signage. The REAB project will leverage space that was vacated as programs relocated to the Integrated Sciences Complex and University Hall, with renovations accommodating some programs relocating out of the Science Center which is targeted for demolition.

The project supports UMass Boston’s strategic and master plan goals by:


The anticipated construction schedule has renovations beginning in summer 2017, lasting through early fall 2018. The project is being phased so that work will be limited to certain building areas at any one time, both limiting impacts to occupants and maintaining an adequate number of classrooms at all times. Building egress will be maintained throughout all phases of the project.

Funded by the UMass Building Authority, the $45 million project managed by Hill International, is designed by Cannon Design and constructed by Consigli Construction.