Chancellor’s Charge to the Task Force

March 3, 2010

I am enlisting your best efforts to look toward the future in the context of our continuous planning efforts and create a set of recommendations for the next five years that will result in inclusive excellence, strengthening the effectiveness, reach, and stature of the University of Massachusetts Boston.

As a public university, we have a responsibility to pursue and achieve the gold standard in effectiveness, whether this is expressed in retention rates, graduation rates, budget processes, quality of life for students and employees of the university, or other notable categories of performance.

I am looking for strategies for pursuing top classifications in all the work that we do as an institution of higher education. I am asking you to explore strategies that will allow us to see the vast intellectual resources of our university brought to bear on a deeper and broader range of academic research and civic engagement, with an impact that will draw serious consideration from a broader array of prospective students from around the world and offer our existing students a richer educational experience than can be had even today.

As to our stature, we want the superb research, teaching, and civic engagement that is so much a part of our university experience to be better communicated, and then enhanced by attracting to our campus positive attention; excellent students, faculty, staff, and administrators; and greater resources.

In responding to this charge, task force members will give to the planning committees leadership and guidance that allow us to provide a broad and inclusive outreach to the campus community and beyond where necessary.

I am fully confident that you will provide this momentous effort with special leadership that will enable the university to fulfill its destiny as the student-centered urban public research university we have all envisioned.