2010 Task Force Members

The members of the Chancellor's Strategic Planning Task Force, created in 2010, are listed here. Below the list is a diagram indicating the concerns and relationships of various groups involved in the strategic planning process.

Winston Langley, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chair

  1. Anne Agee, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology
  2. Kristy Alster, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  3. Noushin Ashrafi, Management Science and Information Systems, and Chair, Faculty Council
  4. Jeffrey Burr, Gerontology Department
  5. Frank Caro, Retired Faculty
  6. John Ciccarelli, Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Relations and Public Affairs
  7. Steve Crosby, Dean, McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies
  8. Patrick Day, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  9. Greer Glazer, Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  10. Judith Goleman, Chair, English Department
  11. Andrew Grosovsky, Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
  12. Katherine Hope, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget and Financial Planning
  13. William Kiernan, Director, Institute for Community Inclusion
  14. Donna Kuizenga, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  15. Sharon Lamb, Chair, Department of Counseling and School Psychology
  16. Peter Langer, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  17. Joan Liem, Dean, Graduate Studies
  18. Catherine Lynde, Economics Department, and President, Faculty Staff Union
  19. Michael Mahan, Representative of the Professional Staff Union
  20. Shauna Manning, Representative of the Classified Staff Union
  21. Celia Moore, Psychology Department
  22. Theresa Mortimer, Assistant Chancellor, Chancellor’s Office
  23. Dorothy Nelson, English Department
  24. Ellen O’Connor, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
  25. Daniel Ortiz, University Librarian, Healey Library
  26. Mark Preble, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
  27. John Saltmarsh, Department of Leadership in Education, and Director, NERCHE
  28. Maureen Scully, Management and Marketing Department
  29. Gary Siperstein, Director of the Center for Social Development and Education
  30. Manickam Sugumaran, Biology Department
  31. Bala Sundaram, Chair, Physics Department
  32. Davin Surin, Undergraduate Student
  33. Kathleen Teehan, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  34. Lynne Tirrell, Philosophy Department
  35. Charlie Titus, Vice Chancellor for Athletics, Recreation, Special Programs and Special Projects
  36. Miren Uriarte, College of Public and Community Service
  37. Paul Watanabe, Political Science Department
  38. Zong-Guo Xia, Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives