Vision Statement

The University of Massachusetts Boston in 2025

The University of Massachusetts Boston is evolving rapidly. The worlds of teaching, research, and service; the many communities our university serves; and the university itself all face different challenges than they did when the university was created. As Boston’s only public university, while we honor our origins as a teaching institution and our tradition of public service, we must also move forward as the increasingly sophisticated research university that we are and continue to become.

In fulfilling complementary roles as an educator of people of all ages and an economic and cultural engine for the Commonwealth, we will expand our teaching and learning activities to prepare students to succeed in a transnational world. We will graduate greater numbers of alumni to meet the demand for a well-educated workforce, and the need for independent, creative, and compassionate citizens and leaders who will shape the quality of individual and social life. Serving our students well will require us to pursue deeply engaged research, teaching, and service; to internationalize our reach and our campus life itself; to build safe, modern, and technologically advanced academic and student-life facilities; and to meet or exceed the best-practice student-success standards of our peer universities. Consistent with our traditions, we will maintain a strong commitment to educating modest-income and first-generation students from urban areas, and to promoting the best interests of the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the nation, and the world.

We will conduct research that has both local and global reach, that creates new knowledge in all major areas of human concern, and that helps our students acquire the refined and complex knowledge, values, and skills of inquiry that the highest levels of research foster and the globalized world requires. Our scholars will conduct funded and unfunded research and scholarship across a broad range of intra-and interdisciplinary areas. We will join the ranks of institutions designated by the Carnegie Foundation as “Research University/High,” having achieved the requisite increases in enrollments, program offerings, advanced degrees granted, research support, and scholarly productivity.*

By the end of the next phase of our development, in 2025, this vision will have been realized, and the University of Massachusetts Boston will be transformed, having fulfilled its aspiration to become an “outstanding public research university with a teaching soul.”

*This statement was completed in September 2010, in connection with the university’s strategic planning process for 2010-2015. In January 2011, the Carnegie Foundation announced updated classifications for institutions of higher education, making use of the latest available data. UMass Boston has now—already—been placed in the “Research University (High Research Activity)” category. The university plans to rise within the ranks of the universities so classified, and appropriate targets for enrollment, program development, and research activity are specified in Fulfilling the Promise, the report of the Strategic Planning Implementation Design Team.