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Course List

Microsoft IT Academy includes over 400 courses covering many Microsoft topics, too many to list all. Courses are also available in languages other than English.

A sample of the more popular courses are listed here:

Windows 7 (user and technical)
Windows 8 (user and technical)
All Office 2010 applications
Outlook 2013 Essentials
Word, PowerPoint, Access 2013 Essentials
Project 2013
Visio 2013
Lync 2013 Essentials
Office Web Apps Essentials
Technology and Pedagogy
Exchange Server 2010
SQL Server 2008
Digital Literacy: Computer Basics, Computer Security and Privacy, Digital Lifestyles, Finding and Evaluating Resources on the Web

To access the complete library of courses:

click on this link:

  • Click on the Sign-in button located at the top right side of this page.

  • Use your UMass Boston email address and password to create an account and login.

  • Email to request an access code to MS IT Academy Library of courses.

You only have to enter the access code once. After that, you can just click on the My Learning link and you will see the full list of courses. You may also select courses that interest you and save in your My Learning so each time you login in the future, those courses will be easily accessible to you without having to search through the entire library.