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Current Research

Boston Public Schools Ethnic Studies Curriculum Development: Columbia Point Case Study

Bureau of Substance Addiction Services: Needs Assessment and BSAS services awareness among Black communities in Greater Boston

Boston Age Strong Commission: Awareness and needs assessment for Boston's elder communities of color.


  • Former Research:
    • Ferguson Teach-In : In 2015, the Trotter Institute worked with campus partners to organize a series of teach-ins that addressed developments and issues arising in the Age of Ferguson.
    • Big Read Grant: Thanks to a Big Read grant, the Trotter explored the African Diaspora in Boston by discussing an Ethiopian American novel by MacArthur genius Dinaw Mengestu.
  • Research Consortium: An interdisciplinary, intercultural panel of scholars researched the question of "Assimilating Americans" through the lens of new immigrants in Greater Boston coming from Asia, Cape Verde, Guatemala, and Haiti. The premise of this research was that the African American context provides the paradigm for incoming immigrants. Affiliated faculty and research fellows: Jorge Capetillo-Ponce, Associate Professor of Sociology; Glenn Jacobs, Associate Professor of Sociology; Richard (Chi-Kan) Hung; Assistant Professor of Human Services; Marisol Negron, Assistant Professor of American Studies; Aminah Pilgrim, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies; Tim Sieber, Professor of Anthropology; Shirley Tang, Associate Professor of American Studies; and Carolyn Wong, Research Associate, Institute for Asian American Studies. Barbara Lewis, director of the Trotter Institute, is the project leader.
  • Health: The Trotter Institute, in association with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, completed a health profile of Haitian Americans in Boston. This profile was expanded to include other segments of the Black community in Boston.
  • Trotter Review: High school students of Haitian descent in Boston and Cambridge wrestle with reconciling their ancestral and American identities, as individuals and among themselves, according to a study published in the  Trotter Review.  All issues of the Trotter Review can be delivered upon contact & request.

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