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The Trotter Institute dissimenates its research to via reports, policy briefs, and its journal, the Trotter Review. The subjects covered by the Trotter Institute include:  Affirmative Action, Arts & Literature, Business & Economic Development, Conference Proceedings, Demographic Studies, Education, Health, Housing, International Issues, Labor & Employment, Media, Round Table Reports, Social Policy & Social Change, Trotter Review Abstracts and Eagle_Forward & Eagles Flight Archive.

Resilience is the Trotter's new policy brief series

Resilience 1, No. 1 (April 2020). Quito Swan. "Covid-19: Black Skins, No Masks." This issue addressed racial disparities in the impact of COVID-19 in neighborhoods across Boston.

The Trotter Review

The Trotter Review was first published in 1987. Past issues of the journal can be found on ScholarWorks, a service of the University of Massachusetts libraries. 

Trotter Review Vol. 22 (2014): "Appreciating Difference"

Trotter Review Vol. 21 (2013): "Reclaiming Humanity in and out of the Cell"

Trotter Review Vol. 20 (2012): "Gaining Political Ground in the Twenty-First Century"

Trotter Review Vol. 19 (2010): "Where is Home? Immigrants of Color in Massachusetts"

Trotter Review Vol. 18 (2009): "Niagara, NAACP, and Now" commemorated the 100th anniversary of the NAACP.


The Black Comparative Experience in Massachusetts

The Boston Foundation 2014 Annual Report
"Corridor of Promise: This is How We Build Vibrant Places"

"Black Churches and Neighborhood Empowerment in Boston, Massachusetts 1960s and 1970s"
James Jennings, PhD, 28pp, 2012
Available for purchase through the institute

State of Black Boston 2011 report. Produced in collaboration with the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts and the Boston chapter of the NAACP.

"The Race Gap: Education of Black Youth in Boston"
Alix Cantave, PhD, Cheryl Holmes, PhD, Barbara Lewis, PhD, 32pp, 2007.
Available for purchase and on ScholarWorks

"Crime in the African-American Neighborhood"
Alix Cantave, PhD, 22 pp., 2007
Available for purchase and on ScholarWorks

"Black Opinion in Early African American Newspapers in Boston"
Kenneth J. Cooper, 2007
The PDF is available here: Black Opinion in Early African American Newspapers in Boston

"Housing Affordability for Households of Color in Massachusetts"
Michael E. Stone, 2006
Available on ScholarWorks

"Transformation and Taking Stock: A Summary of Selected Findings by Race from the University of Massachusetts Poll"
Carol Hardy-Fanta and Paul Watanabe, 61 pp., 2006
Available on ScholarWorks


Eagle Forward / Eagle's Flight
Archives of the newspaper of the 24th Infantry Regiment, during its time in the Korean War. The Fighting 24th was one the US Army's last segregated units.