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William Monroe Trotter Institute

The Study of Black Culture

Business & Economic Development

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  America's Ethiopia: Casino Gambling as a
    Strategy for Rural Economic Development in
    Tunica County                                                                                 $6.00
   Research ReportNo. 38
   Sharon D. Wright, 19pp., 2000,

Capital Generation: An Essential in Community
   Economic Development
  Miller C. Lovett (forthcoming)

An Overview of Minority-Owned Businesses
   in Massachusetts (1997) -                                                                 $12.00
  Research Paper No. 37
  Russell Williams et al., 61 pp., 1998,

Economic Development and Inner Cities
   in Massachusetts: Recommendations for
   Expanding the Capacity of Small Businesses
   and Microenterprises -                                                                      $10.00
  James Jennings, et al., 78 pp., 1996,

Overview of Black-Owned Businesses in the
   United States in the 1990s -                                                                                   $ 6.00
  James Jennings, et al., 15 pp., 1996,

The Competitive Advantage of the Inner City:
  Does Race Matter? -                                                                          $ 6.00
  Occasional Paper No. 33
  Philip S. Hart, 17 pp., 1995,
An Overview of Minority-Owned Businesses
  in the Boston Metropolitan Area (1987) -                                            $ 10.00
  Russell Williams and Sue Kim, 62 pp., 1995,
Missing Links in the Study of Puerto Rican
   Poverty in the United States -                                                           $ 6.00
  Occasional Paper No. 30
  James Jennings, 21 pp., 1995,
A Historical Overview of Poverty among Blacks
   in Boston: 1850-1990 -                                                                     $ 5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 24
  Robert C. Hayden, 17 pp., 1994,
Black Businesses in Massachusetts: Status and
   Challenges -                                                                                     $ 5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 28
  James Jennings, 9 pp., 1994,
An Overview of Minority-Owned Businesses in
  Massachusetts -                                                                               $ 10.00
  Russell Williams, et al., 52 pp., 1993,
Economic Analysis Report: Disparity Study
   Project, Executive Office of Transportation and
   Construction, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
   Evaluation Study -                                                                                                $10.00
   James Jennings, et al., 133 pp., 1993,

Black Entrepreneurship in the United States:
   A Survey -                                                                                                            $ 6.00
  Herbert L. Tyson, 24 pp., 1993,

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