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Black Churches and Neighborhood
  Empowerment in Boston, MA, 60s and 70s                                    $8.00
  James Jennings, PhD, 28pp, 2012.

The Race Gap: Education of
  Black Youth in Boston                                                                     $5.00
  Alix Cantave, PhD, Cheryl Holmes, PhD,
  Barbara Lewis, PhD, 32pp, 2007.

Paige Academy--Continuing a Tradition of
Academic Success in the Black community                                      $5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 37
  Sandra M. Grayson, 10 pp., 1996,

Theory, Praxis, and Community Service:
  Cornerstones of Black Studies                                                        $6.00
  Occasional Paper No. 23
  James Jennings, 21 pp., 1993,

Fire at the Door: The Black Student Union
   Movement at Boston English High School,
   1968-1971 -                                                                                    $8.00
  Michael T. Tierney, 56 pp., 1987,

A Content Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Themes
  in Catalogues Distributed by Teacher Preparation                         $6.00
  Schools in Massachusetts, 1989 and 1990
  James Jennings and Ilene Carver, 22 pp., 1991,

Vocational Technical Education in Boston:
   Towards Accountability, Prioritization, and
   Decentralization -                                                                           $8.00
  James Jennings and William Joseph Moore, 33 pp.,

The Education of African-Americans: Selected
  Issues -                                                                                            $5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 19
  Wornie L. Reed, 12 pp., 1989,

Dynamics of Minority Education: An Index
  to the Status of Race and Ethnic Relations in the
  United States -                                                                                 $6.00
  Occasional Paper No. 8
  James E. Blackwell, 24 pp., 1988,

Latino Parental Involvement in the Boston
   Public Schools: Preliminary Notes from the Field -                        $8.00
  Research Report No. 15
  Ralph Rivera, 38 pp., 1988,

An Examination of Latino Experiences in
Vocational Education: Implications for
Educational Policy and Reform in Massachusetts -                          $8.00
  Research Report No. 20
  James Jennings, 37 pp., 1992,

Vocational Education in Massachusetts and
  the Future of Young Minority Citizens                                             $8.00
  James Jennings and William Joseph Moore, 55 pp.,

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