Housing and Community Development

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Housing Affordability for Households of Color
   in Massachusetts
  Michael E. Stone, 2006
  Available for download
  Full report: 59pp., 4.8MB  Summary: 10pp., 1.9MB.

Washington Street Charette Project: Avoiding
   Past Failures and Building for a New City -                                          $10.00
  Occasional Paper No. 41
  James Jennings, 9 pp., 1998,

Community Development -                                                               $ 5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 11
  Eugene "Gus" Newport, 12 pp., 1989,

Blacks and Latinos in Boston: A Community
   Profile -                                                                                         $ 8.00
  Research Report No. 12
  James Jennings, 50 pp., 1988,

Determining Tax Contributions and Service
   Benefits for Greater Roxbury -                                                         $ 5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 14
  Bette Woody, 7 pp., 1988,

Community-Based Housing: Potential for a
   New Strategy -                                                                               $10.00
  Research Report No. 2
  Rachel G. Bratt, 80 pp., 1985,

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