William Monroe Trotter Institute

The Study of Black Culture

Labor and Employment

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Puerto Rican and African American Young
   Men: A Comparative Analysis -                                                          $ 8.00
  Research Report No. 23
  Sonia Peréz and Steven Cruz, 55 pp., 1994,

On the Costs and Benefits of the Prevailing Wage -                              $ 5.00
  Occasional Paper No. 13
  Jeremiah P. Cotton, 16 pp., 1988,

The Indispensable Ally: Black Workers
   and the Formation of the Congress of Industrial -                                $ 8.00
  Organizations 1934-1941
  Bill Fletcher and Peter Agard, 22 pp., 1987,

Youth Employment and Unemployment:
   Outreach Initiatives in Massachusetts and
   the City of Boston -                                                                          $ 10.00
  James E. Blackwell, 125 pp., 1987,

Youth and Jobs: A Bibliography of Publications,
   1980-1986, with Selected Annotations -                                             $ 8.00
  James E. Blackwell, 54 pp., 1987,

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