William Monroe Trotter Institute

The Study of Black Culture

The Haiti Initiative at UMass Boston

The Haiti Initiative at UMass Boston builds upon and extends earlier work conducted at the university since the 1990s by the Africana Studies Department, the Haitian Studies Project/Haitian Studies Association, and the William Monroe Trotter Institute for the Study of Black Culture. The Haiti Initiative focuses on strengthening of higher education in Haiti, development of Haitian professionals, and research on Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.

The Haiti Initiative is launched to promote meaningful collaboration among higher education institutions working in Haiti, conduct research on the Haitian Diaspora and Haiti, support institutional capacity building in Haiti, and contribute to the advancement of Haitian Studies. The Haiti Initiative recognizes that higher education is indispensable for economic growth and a citizenry that participates constructively in the development of democracy. Haitians believe in the power of education for the transformation of their society. Yet, it is also acknowledged that much help is needed for them to reach that important end. To date, there has been growing interest in participating in this effort, but it has to be coordinated. At its core, the Haiti Initiative emphasizes the strengthening of Haitian institutions in the diaspora and in Haiti.

Current activities of the Haiti Initiative at UMass Boston:

  • The Mirebalais Planning Initiative
  • Partners in Health, ProDev Education initiatives

Additional activities of the Haiti Initiative:

  • Research on higher education in Haiti
  • Research on the Haitian community in Massachusetts and in the U.S.
  • Technical assistance to Haitian-serving organizations in Boston
  • Technical assistance to public agencies and institutions in Haiti
  • Youth leadership development and exchanges
  • Visiting fellowship