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  • Strengthen public and private higher education to foster socio-economic development in Haiti by making wise and innovative use of existing talents and current resources of participating institutions.
  • Collaborate in securing resources needed to address crucial higher education problems identified by participating institutions.   
  • Improve administrative leadership, school organization, faculty instruction, academic curricula, and student learning to help build a lasting capacity in Haiti to deliver quality and cost-effective education in public and private institutions.
  • Increase equal access to quality learning for all deserving students seeking a higher education. 
  • Rebuild and repair physical structures of participating higher education institutions in Haiti that were destroyed by the recent earthquake.
  • Strengthen the quality of teaching and research in participating higher education institutions. 
  • Foster creative use of information and communication technologies for collecting and analyzing data about the effectiveness of curricula, research, teaching, learning, and administration of participating higher education institutions to solve higher education problems in Haiti. 
  • Strengthen evolving Haitian democracy through improved equality and quality in higher education.