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About Us

The UMass Boston DF/HCC Partnership began in 2002 when Dr. Paul Fonteyn, former Provost of UMass Boston started a dialogue with DF/HCC senior leaders Dr. Karen M. Emmons and Ms. Karen Burns White. Prior to this time, no relationship of any kind existed between the two institutions. Upon exploration, the potential UMass Boston DF/HCC partnership seemed as though it would create a “perfect storm” of sorts. In 2005, the UMass Boston DF/HCC $4.2M U56 grant was funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Under the leadership of Dr. Karen Emmons and Dr. Adan Colon Carmona (UMass Boston), the U56 Mechanism produced great results and funded many collaborative research projects.

U56 Projects (2005-2011); Grant total: $4.2M

  1. Kyle McInnis, Sc.D. (UMass Boston), Jessica Whiteley, PhD (UMass Boston), and Gary Bennett, PhD (DF/HCC), Obesity/Weight Loss Intervention for African-American Women, funded 12/1/05.
  2. Linda S. Huang, PhD (UMass Boston) and Pamela A. Silver, PhD (DF/HCC), Examination of Sporulation-specific Spliceosome Recruitment, funded 12/1/05.
  3. Greer Glazer, PhD(UMass Boston) and Patricia Reid-Ponte, DN.Sc. (DF/HCC), PhD Program in Health Policy Targeted to Cancer Nursing Care and Health Disparities – A Joint Venture in Training, Mentorship, and Community Outreach, funded 12/1/05.
  4. Russell Schutt, PhD (UMass Boston) and JudyAnn Bigby, MD (DF/HCC), Educating Underserved Communities about Cancer Clinical Trials, funded 12/1/05.
  5. Joan Liem, PhD (UMass Boston) and Susan Bauer-Wu, DN.Sc. (DF/HCC), Training Minority Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students to be Cancer Researchers: A Collaborative Undertaking Between the UMass Boston Clinical Psychology PhD Program and the DF/HCC, funded 6/1/06.
  6. Alexey Veraksa, PhD (UMass Boston) and Dietmar Schmucker, MD (DF/HCC), Control Membrane Receptor Signaling by Endocytosis and Multiprotein Signaling Complexes, funded 6/1/06.
  7. Enrico Marcelli, PhD (UMass Boston) and Gary Bennett, PhD (DF/HCC), The Boston-Cambridge-Quincy Metropolitan Dominican Immigrant Household Survey (BDIHS), funded 11/1/06.
  8. John Perez, PhD (UMass Boston), Amy Rex-Smith, DN.Sc. (UMass Boston) and Elizabeth Tracey (DF/HCC), Understanding Prayer as a Coping Mechanism Among Cancer Patients, funded 11/1/06.
  9. Joan Becker, EdD (UMass Boston), Karen Burns White, MS (DF/HCC), Education and Community Outreach Program for UMass Boston Students, funded 11/1/06.
  10. Alexey Veraksa, PhD (UMass Boston) and Dietmar Schmucker, MD (DF/HCC), In Vivo Analysis of Membrane Receptor Signaling by Dissecting Multiprotein Complex Formation, funded 11/1/07.
  11. Susan DeSanto-Madeya, DNSc (UMass Boston), Holly Prigerson, PhD (DF/HCC) and Elizabeth Trice, MD, PhD (DF/HCC), Radical Disparities in Cancer Care at the End of Life (RADICCAL), funded 11/1/07.
  12. Barbara Lewis, PhD (UMass Boston), Alix Cantave, PhD (UMass Boston) and Jennifer Dacey Allen, DSc (DF/HCC), Needs Assessment of Haitian Community, funded 11/1/07.
  13. Adán Colón-Carmona, PhD (UMass Boston) and David Pellman, MD (DF/HCC), Aberrant Chromosome Segregation Without Cancerous Growth; CENP-E Protein in Arabidopsis, funded 11/1/07.
  14. Jessica Whiteley, PhD (UMass Boston) and Kasisomayajula Vishwanath, PhD, Health Communication Channels Among Nontraditional College Students, funded 11/1/08.
  15. Laura Hayman, PhD (UMass Boston) and Mary Cooley PhD (DF/HCC), Current Health Behaviors and Motivational Readiness to Pursue Behavioral Change Among African American and European American Lung Cancer Patients and Their Families, funded 11/1/08.
  16. John Perez, PhD (UMass Boston), Amy Rex-Smith, DNSc (UMass Boston), and Laurel Radwin, Ph.D., Prayer and Well-Being Among Cancer Patients: A Randomized, Controlled Trial, funded 11/1/08.
  17. John Perez, PhD (UMass Boston) and Jennifer Dacey Allen, DSc (DF/HCC), Cancer Screening Among Latinos in Churches, funded 11/1/08.
  18. Wei Zhang, PhD (UMass Boston) and Nathanael Gray, PhD (DF/HCC), Development of Fluorescent Small Molecule Probes of Cancer Cell Lines, funded 9/1/09.
  19. Robyn Hannigan, PhD (UMass Boston) and Clair Beard, M.D. (DF/HCC), Quantification of Platium Levels of Serum, Tissues, and Bone of Patients Treated with Pt-based Chemotherapy Drugs, funded 9/1/09. 
  20. In September, 2010, NIH funded the UMass Boston - DF/HCC U54 Minority Institution/Cancer Center Partnership Grant.