The UMass Boston - Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center


Applying for Funding

The UMass Boston - DF/HCC U54 Partnership is now only looking for Pilot Projects. If interested, please find the RFA here.

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Dear U54 UMass Boston-DF/HCC Partnership Community,

We are writing to clarify a few questions we have received regarding who is eligible to apply for U54 pilot awards. First, pilot applications must have at least one faculty member from each institution (at least one from UMass Boston and one from the DF/HCC). Staff scientists must partner with tenured or tenure-track faculty in proposals. Second, we are giving priority to investigators who are not current U54 project PIs or have not previously received U54 project funds. While current or former PIs can apply, the Partnership will focus on funding additional PIs who currently do not have U54 support. Our decisions will be guided by the novelty and impact of science being proposed. Finally, applicants are welcomed to contact any of the U54 PIs and Core leaders if there are additional questions regarding services and/or collaborations. 

The feedback and interest in the RFA has been fantastic. Keep the questions coming and look forward to reading about your research ideas.

Best Regards,

Adan Colon-Carmona, PhD

Jill Macoska, PhD

Vish Viswanath, PhD

U54 Partnership PIs