Research Education Core

Directors: Karen Burns White (DF/HCC), Joan Becker (UMass Boston)

The Research Education Core aims to increase the number of individuals, especially those from underrepresented populations, who pursue graduate degrees and careers in cancer research, health disparities, and/or biomedical science. By ensuring high-quality research experiences, strong mentoring, and the development of specialized skills, the Core will encourage and prepare promising students for a research career.

  • Provide mentored research experiences for individuals, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels, aimed at preparing them for cancer/cancer disparities research careers.
  • Facilitate the professional development of participants through academic and career advisement, close and nurturing mentorship, participation in scholarly activity.
  • Enhance the mentoring skills of UMass Boston and DF/HCC investigators who are providing research experiences for participants.
  • Track participants' academic and career progress and assess the impact of the research education program on participants' interest in and preparation for cancer/cancer disparities research careers.
  • Sustain and expand the Partnership’s research education initiatives through the submission of papers for peer-review and grant proposals.

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Outreach Core

Directors: Shoba Ramanadhan, ScD (DF/HCC) & S. Tiffany Donaldson, Ph.D. and Eduardo Siqueira, ScD, MD (UMass Boston)

The Outreach Core promotes the building of relationships with external partners, promoting evidence-based cancer prevention in communities, training UMass Boston students in community-engaged research, supporting U54 research projects, and participating in NCI National Outreach Network (NON) activities. The primary aims of the core are to:

  • Develop and institutionalize participation by key partners through a Community Advisory Board (CAB) that includes representatives from CBOs and faith-based organizations in partner communities in the DF/HCC catchment area.
  • Conduct a needs assessment to elucidate and characterize the interest in and capacity for cancer control activities with a focus on addressing disparities in the region.
  • Build capacity among students and CBO staff members.
  •  Develop and disseminate products that will synthesize and summarize the results from the U54 research projects to inform the activities of community partners working to address cancer disparities.

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Shared Resources: Research Design and Analysis Core

Directors: Jie Chen, Ph.D. (UMass Boston) and Wendy London, Ph.D. (DFCI)

The Research Design and Analysis Core builds upon and synergizes existing Centers/Cores at UMass Boston and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. Shared Resource will provide appropriate statistical design and data analysis to facilitate sound clinical and basic science research. The primary aims of the RDAC are: 

  • Provide expert methodological consultation and operational support for quantitative and qualitative population science research activities that occur across the U54 projects.
  • Assist investigators with appropriate experimental design and statistical analysis of data acquired from laboratory- and clinically-based studies.
  • Continue the seminar series and develop workshops, led by expert faculty, to train students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty in social and behavioral research methods as well as statistical methods.
  • Serve as a research incubator, leveraging its expertise in population science methodology, implementation, and analysis to catalyze new collaborative research on cancer disparities across the Partnership

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Shared Resources: Genomics Core

Directors: Jill Macoska, Ph.D. 

The Genomics Core enables UMass Boston investigators and academic and industry collaborators to carry out basic and translational genomics research. The core leverages cutting-edge technologies and next-generation sequencing capabilities for research and clinical applications.

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