The UMass Boston - Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center


Training Core

Directors: Karen Burns White (DF/HCC), Joan Becker (UMass Boston)

The Training Core aims to increase the number of UMass Boston students—particularly those from under-represented minority backgrounds—who are interested and well-trained in cancer/cancer disparities research.

The 2016 U54 Summer Internship Application is now available on My Career Online (Job ID: 29965)

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on March 21. All interested students must complete the application process to be considered for any positions.

Questions can be directed to Diedra Wrighting, Training Core Manager, at

Required Forms:

In an effort to capture all of the students participating in U54-related research, the following documents must be completed and submitted to the Training Core each time a U54 investigator engages a UMass Boston student (funded or unfunded) to participate in U54 research.

  1. a student application
  2. U54 student profile
  3. current statement of agreement

Please contact the training core manager at to obtain the appropriate documents.

Services for Principal Investigators:

  • Student Recruitment: Assistance in identifying UMass Boston undergraduate and graduate students to work on U54-related projects. More than 800 underrepresented minority students in Science, Math, Nursing and Health Sciences and other relevant departments are targeted.
  • Cancer and Disparities Research Training and Career Development: Workshops to prepare UMass Boston students for mentored research experiences. Sessions focus on general areas central to cancer/cancer disparities research; special sessions are tailored to the demands of the research. Participating students also have access to career development services including career speakers, connections to post-doctoral mentors, and support for scholarly activities such as conferences, poster presentations, and manuscript submission.
  • Student Tracking and Outcomes: Demographic data are collected through the student application process; qualitative data though annually administered satisfaction surveys.  Impact data are analyzed with assistance of the Survey and Statistical Methods Core.

Application for Student Intern(s)

Services for Faculty and Post-doctoral Mentors:

  • Mentor Training: Workshops focus on increasing mentoring skills, understanding the barriers underrepresented students face in pursuing scientific careers, and providing a forum for faculty, post-docs, and student trainees to discuss respective experiences and challenges.

Services for Students:

  • Research Internships: Assistance in identifying cancer/cancer-disparities research opportunities at UMass Boston and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center.
  • Research Skills Workshops: Sessions focus on designing and conducting cancer/cancer disparities research, critical thinking in research, navigating scientific articles, troubleshooting data collection problems, ethics, and the scientific culture.
  • Career Speakers: DF/HCC and UMass Boston investigators, post-docs, and graduate students, especially from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Mentorships: The Training Core collaborates with the Post-Doctorate Office Consortium, a resource for over 500 post-doctoral trainees and 150 graduate students across eight Harvard institutions, to identify post-doctoral mentors.
  • Participation in Scholarly Activity: The Training Core disseminates information about conferences, seminars, summer research opportunities and symposia and provides assistance in applying for funding to attend in-state and out-of-state conferences
  • Annual Research Showcase: U54 faculty and students and other UMass Boston and DF/HCC science training programs present their research through oral or poster presentations.

For more information, or to request Training Core services, please contact the Training Core Directors:
Karen Burns White (DF/HCC)
Joan Becker (UMass Boston)